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Board oak, beech, ash of those. drying 8-10% moisture
1 650 $/м.куб. FCA
СКМ-Строй, ООО, BY
The organization sells a board of oak, ash, beech, pine, spruce, alder, birch, natural moisture and technical drying with a humidity of 8-10%. Any...
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Hornbeam Firewood / Hainbuche / Haagbeuk
90 €/2 RM FCA  
Оптовая цена
88 - 89 €/2 RM
Брэннштоф, ООО, BY
Our company offer high quality firewood from hornbeam. KD < 20%. Log length: 30-33 cm in 2RM (3.2 SRM) boxes. Always in stock. We produces and...
Дрова колоті
1 €/шт FCA
Trans-P, ООО, UA
We offer firewood chopped chamber drying in boxes (1x1x2, 1x1x1, 1x0.8x1.2 and 1x1x1.8), breed of beech, hornbeam. The length of the gravel is 25,...
Split firewood technologically desiccated in boxes
Оптовая цена
75 - 120 €/т FCA
Белстройтехноторг, ЧУП, BY
Дрова колотыеестественной влажности и тех. сушки в ящиках по 1, 1.8, 2 RM(складометра). Дуб, граб, береза, ольха, ясень. FCA It is produced for...
Firewood beech and hornbeam
155 €/шт DAP
U-svit, S.R.O., SK
Our company Usvit s. r. o produces and sells for export firewood from Ukraine oak, beech, hornbeam in boxes 1, 1.8, 2 rm. Having your own truck...
Oak, beech and birch boards and beams
Оптовая цена
200 - 1 100 €/м.куб. FCA
Томиники, ООО, RU
Dear colleagues. Our factory produce oak boards and beams of natural moisture by specification customers. We can also produce dry furniture...
We are selling beech firewood.
80 €/м.куб. EXW  
Оптовая цена
60 - 100 €/м.куб.
Салюс Груп, ООО, UA
We are selling beech firewood. If you are interest in this product, we can propose you only high quality of our product. We are looking for...
Wooden bathroom sinks
362 €/шт EXW
Alpha Binom, ИП, RU
ADM Wood produces solid wood sinks for bathrooms. In production, mainly materials such as oak, ash, beech and other types of trees are used on...
Briquettes RUF
110 €/шт CIF
Богатыренко Е., ИП, RU
We produce RUF fuel briquettes from pure oak and beech without bark impurities. minimum ash content We are located: Russia, the Republic of...
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